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M2M Technologies Pte Ltd
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to the Incredible world of M2M Technologies and the lifestyle of the 21st Century. A company with a R&D dedicated to give you a closer step towards the science fiction Era. Control machines like you have never dreamt possible.


Be it at Factory, office, home or an automobile, communications between you and your machine are boundless.


Secure, monitor your home, vehicle, office, etc.. Have a peace of mind.


Take a look at few of our NB-IOT, eMTC leading products. They are truly amazing. Contact us and our staff will be glad to help you out.




What is iPalm

What is mPass










Researched and developed in Singapore!

Designed by our own team of engineers.

It won't make your car fly but it is a giant step to giving you full control of your vehicle even when you are not in the driver's seat.

Check it out and see how it will protect you and your car..

- iPalm Premium


- iPalm Mini


- iPalm KeylessEntry


- iMouseTrap


- Gate Passer


- mPass KIOSK



Wide Usage for our AI+IOT Products and Solutions
Intelligent City

- IOT Control - Street Lights

- IOT Control - Irrigation System

- IOT sensor - Drainage System

- eMTC Transport System

Intelligent Home

- IOT Home Appliance Control

- eMTC Kids / Maid System

- IOT Gate Control

- IOT Home Security


Intelligent Building

- IOT CarPark System

- iBeacon LBS/POI

- IOT indoor Tracking

- IOT Vending Machines

- IOT Visitor KIOSK Machines

- IOT Mouse Trap



Intelligent Car

- eMTC & CANBus Car Security

- eMTC & CANBus Car Maintenance

- eMTC & CANBus Car Control


Looking for Installation?

Locate an Installer or Dealer that is near to you.

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Why Us?

- Life Time Warranty

- Manufacturer Direct

- Local Service / Support

- No False Ads

- No Sales Gimmicks

- Real IOT system

- Most Options

- Advanced Car Alarms

- Reliable Long Range



is not another car alarm system. How are we different? It is the latest in technology to give you the control you need. It is almost limitless to what you can do with it. With our own R&D to develop the software and the high quality hardware chosen, its a device not to be trivial with.


Get the right information. Two simple knowledge for you.


1) Choosing the Right Intelligent Protection for your car.


2) Car Security Tips !