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Break - in Alert
Alerts you by mobile and SMS in the event of break-in.
i-Palm will send an alert via SMS and mobile if the ultrasonic sensor detects that the car was broken in. You can choose to listen to the intruder conversation or trigger the immobilizer. You can choose to install a wide range of sensors such as vibration sensor to detect any attempts to break into your car.

Loss of Remote Control / Car key
You can use any phone to deactivate the lost remote control / key. If intruder uses the key to unlock car, the alarm will be activated.

Remote on Engine
Lets you warm up engine before entering the car.

You can switch on your car engine by remote to save time especially when you are in a hurry. With a safety measured installed, you must insert the key and turn to "Accessory On" before you release the brake to drive. Intruders cannot drive your car even they find the car key as the car is armed.

Remote Air-con Switch-on
Never need to get into a hot and stuffy car when it is parked under the blazing sun. The air-con must be in the 'on' position.

In an equatorial country like Singapore, the car gets very hot inside when parked under the sun. Now you don't have to suffer the heat and perspire so that you stay fresh and cool.

Built-in Hands-free Car Phone
Hassle-free safe communication on the road.

Hands-free car phone kit provides safety, freedom and convenience when you wish to make a phone call or receive incoming calls while driving.

Hand Brake Warning
Alerts you whenever the driver leaves the car and arms it without applying the handbrake.

This will inform you that you need to take immediate action before any accident or mishap could happen.

Power Failure Alert
Alerts you to remote start car engine to charge the battery.

i-Palm will inform you via SMS or your mobile that your car battery is low. You can remote start your car and charge the battery or call up your mechanic to check if your alternator is faulty or if the battery is near to the end of its service life (needs to be replaced).

Anti-rob, and Anti-hijack Control Panic Button
with option to switch off engine.

Press alarm panic button to seek help. Your i-Palm will automatically SMS and contact your nominated friends or relatives if you activate the hidden panic button. You could use your i-Palm to stop the engine by remote if you have installed option 9*

Remote trigger immobilizer
Lets you trigger your immobilizer in case of emergency.

In case someone has locked himself/herself inside the car with the engine on, you can send an SMS or call your i-Palm to trigger your immobilizer. Once the intruder stops the engine, he/she will not be able to start the engine until the alarm is off.
However, having this option may affect your car's warranty.

Wide Choice of Sensors for add-ons.
You can choose to install a wide range of sensors such as vibration sensor to add-on to existing ultrasonic sensor...

If you need to install other sensors such as vibration detectors, please call our hotline for consultation. The ultrasonic sensor comes with the i-Palm set.

SMS Control and Alert
Keep in contact with your car by mobile.

You will gave a constant interaction with your car via the mobile phone.

Microphone Sound Monitor
Enables you to listen to any intruder's conversation via your mobile.

Call in to i-Palm from any telephone and listen to who and what is happening inside your car.

Additional Features
i-Palm Back-up Battery
Your car battery may be disconnected or isolated by intruder.

There is still interaction between you and your car even though the car battery current supply is severed. The i-Palm will continue to work with the standby battery.

Unlocks Your Car if Keys are Locked in Car
i-Palm will unlock your car on instruction by calling it using your mobile or any telephone or via SMS. In the same way you can start your car engine but you still need the car key to drive it.

No Communication Problems
We can program your i-Palm to communicate in either English or Mandarin. SMS will still be in English. Please inform us in advance before installation.

Locate Your Car in the Car Park using i-Palm
You can use the remote control to locate your car.

i-Palm automobile intelligent control unit system carries a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.