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Car Security Tips

There are many vehicle related thefts each year. By following a few simple rules you can dramatically reduce the chance or your car being the next one!

Fitting a good quality alarm and immobilizer system is always a good idea even on modern cars. Just because your car has a remote control don't assume it has an alarm fitted as on many models these remote controls simply control the central locking; often there are no alarm features at all! Even with a  factory fitted alarm there is good reason to fit an aftermarket system as the factory fitted systems on each model are all the same, so if a thief woks out how to get round one they can do the same for any more of the same model. As each aftermarket system is different and each installer will install the system in a different place and connect the wires in a different place this makes the thieves job so much harder.

An alarm with a pager system is also a good idea so that you know when your alarm is set off rather than relying on a passerby or neighbour alerting you.

It's not only the theft OF your car you need to be concerned about but theft FROM your car. Don't give thieves a reason to break in, never leave belongings on view in your car, always lock them in the boot or glove box or even better take them with you. The most common items stolen from cars are car stereos, CDs and clothing as well as laptop computers, mobile phones and MP3 players.

If your car stereo has a removable front panel make sure you ALWAYS take it with you even if you are only leaving your car for a short time. Don't leave it in a door pocket, an unlocked glove box or under the seat as these are the first places a thief will look. If your stereo has a built in security code make sure it is enables and you have a record of the code and the serial number.

Another common thing to be stolen from cars is your tax disc, fitting a metal tax disc holder can help deter this sort of theft.

Always make sure you lock your the car and if you have an alarm then use it. Always shut the windows and sunroof completely and park in a well lit public place whenever possible.

Keep your keys safe at all times! With the advent of more sophisticated security systems a method that is increasingly used by thieves is to steal the keys to your car along with your alarm or immobiliser remote controls. Always keep your keys in a secure place at home or work, NEVER leave your keys on a hall table or anywhere else in view of your letterbox as an easy way for thieves to steal your keys is to use a cane to 'fish' your keys through the letterbox. Never leave your keys in the car when filling up with petrol or unloading shopping etc. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to jump in and drive off and if your keys were left in the car your insurance will most likely be invalid.

Of course you can never completely prevent your car from being targeted by thieves but you can make it a less desirable target by following this simple advice.